Qualified Education Expense Credit

Why give your tax to the state when you can give it to Al-Falah Academy.

Assign your GA Income tax dollars to Al-Falah and gain reward from Allah without having to donate your own money.

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Georgia Department of Revenue, as part of Georgia Private School Tax Credit Law allows, for individuals and businesses to allocate part of their GA income taxes towards eligible non-profit institutions such as Al-Falah Academy.  There is a limited amount set aside each year by the state for this program and Al-Falah Academy is asking for your help in directing part of that fund to help our school.

Participating in the program takes about five minutes and involves a few simple steps that are explained below.  Basically, you can either pay the taxes to the Department of Revenue and let them decide what to do with it or tell them that you want Al-Falah Academy to have it by participating. Due to increased awareness of this program, we are expecting the Georgia Private School Tax Credit funds to get used up by October; we are encouraging the community to sign-up as soon as possible. Encourage your friends and businesses to participate in this and help Al-Falah Academy.

You can either sign-up for the full amount with one form or break up the amount into multiple forms.  This could to be done one time with multiple post-dated checks and we will process the forms on the dates based on your instructions.  

You get the reward of supporting Al-Falah Academy's high quality Islamic education at no net cost to you.  You get a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for your donation.  A tax credit is not the same as a deduction.  While a deduction reduces your income and thereby reduces your taxes by a part of that amount that varies according to your tax bracket, a tax credit actually applies to the taxes you have to pay and reduces them dollar-for-dollar and/or you receive refund.

Some employers match charitable contributions of their employees.  This program is eligible for such a matching contribution if your employer provides it.  This will double-up your tax donation to Al-Falah Academy.

If you need any help in completing the forms, please contact Al-Falah Academy Tax Credit volunteer contact line at (678) 995-5501 or any of the following:

Sr. Ayesha-Jean Manzoor: (678) 296-5376
Br. Jakhongir Makhmudov: (404) 788-3698
Br. Khaled Yacoub: (404) 388-7354
Br. Sohail Yoonas: (404) 452-1001
Br. Yusof Burke: (404) 542-1209

Participating in the program involves a few simple steps:
  1. Complete Pre-Approval form requiring very basic information (Georgia Form IT-QEE-TP1). Forms including sample forms are available on this site.

  2. Complete Fund Designation & Contact Form available on this site.

  3. Write a check in the name of Georgia Learning Foundation (the processing organization for this program) for the tax credit amount. 
Note: To help pay for the tax dollars, you can consult your tax accountant and submit a revised G4 Georgia Withholding form adjusting the Dependent Allowances to the maximum

You can donate up to $2,500.00 per tax year if you are filing a joint return, $1,250.00 per tax year for a married individual filing a separate return, and $1,000.00 per tax year for a single individual or a head of household. Your donation is also limited by your total tax obligation*.

Here is an example to illustrate this benefit*:
  • A married couple filing a joint return participate in the program with $2,500
  • The total tax obligation before the donation is $4,000 (line 16 on the tax form)
  • A credit is applied to the tax obligation in the amount of $2,500 (line 17 on the tax form)
  • The balance of remaining tax obligation would be $4,000 - $2,500 = $1,500 (line 18 on the tax form)
The difference in tax obligation can be reflected in a higher refund in the amount of the donation or a reduced tax obligation amount by that amount.

A corporation is allowed to participate in the program up to 75% of the corporation’s income tax liability for the tax year*.

* Al-Falah Academy does not advise on any personal income tax requirements or issues. Use of any information from this site or any other web site referred to is for general information only and does not represent personal tax advice either express or implied. You are encouraged to seek professional tax advice for personal income tax questions and assistance.

Perpetual Charity

Thank you for your donation. May ALLAH reward you abundantly for this investment in this world and in the hereafter.
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